Our mission is to keep the public informed about highly time-sensitive opportunities to participate in preservation efforts for ancient Indigenous sites. That’s how we win.

Did you know that most ancient Indigenous sites get destroyed without any public notice or debate at all? This is done on purpose. Often, it is illegal.

We are here to end that practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Nayyag Preserve was founded by a group who met working together to save a 10,000 year old Indigenous archeological site in Northampton, MA from destruction by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in 2020.

This ancient site was preserved – for now – much thanks to actions taken by our 50,000 person strong email list of supporters, the Aquinnah Wampanoag, and the Narragansett.

Together, we won. And we can do it again – with your help.

Below, sign up for the low-traffic Nayyag Urgent Action Email List and help save the next ancient Indigenous site targeted for destruction.

You will be alerted about rare, time-sensitive opportunities when the public can actually act with effect. There are not many, but they are critical. We have to be ready.

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