Our mission is to keep the public informed about highly time-sensitive opportunities to participate in preservation efforts for ancient Indigenous sites. That’s how we win.

Did you know that most ancient Indigenous sites get destroyed without any public notice or debate at all? This is done on purpose. Often, it is illegal.

We are here to end that practice in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Nayyag Preserve was founded by a group who met working together to save a 10,000 year old Indigenous archeological site in Northampton, MA from destruction by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in 2020.

This ancient site was preserved – for now – much thanks to actions taken by our 50,000 person strong email list of supporters, the Aquinnah Wampanoag, and the Narragansett.

Together, we won. And we can do it again – with your help.

Below, sign up for the low-traffic Nayyag Urgent Action Email List and help save the next ancient Indigenous site targeted for destruction.

You will be alerted about rare, time-sensitive opportunities when the public can actually act with effect. There are not many, but they are critical. We have to be ready.

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Recent posts and public discussion forums:

Now that we won against the Commonwealth and temporarily saved the 10,000 year old Native American village, it is TIME TO GO BIGGER so that we can preserve these sites forever

We need your help. Documentary filmmaker Tyler Chase has captured HUNDREDS OF HOURS of interviews with leaders from tribes including the Lakota, Mashpee, Narragansett, Wampanoag, prominent archeologists, and many other Indigenous experts. They explain on film, “the ongoing cultural erasure of Native Americans by outdated policies, mislead institutions, hiding of evidence and destruction of precious…

Full Length Professional Documentary Being Filmed!!!

Dear Friends, Today we are proud to introduce award-winning filmmaker Tyler Chase from New York City. Her great great grandmother was Mi’kmaq. Tyler is over one year into filming a full-length documentary about the site in Northampton, the fraud and corruption in our system as relates to preservation of Indigenous resources, and key messages from…

Response from Geologist: Potential Grinding Stone Discovery at Northampton Site

Dear Friends, We received so many responses about the new discovery of what appears to be a large two-person sitting grinding stone approximately 150m from the site. Here is the video of the potential grinding stone, if you missed it.  What follows is a fascinating expert response we received from Nick Venti, a geologist with…