Full Length Professional Documentary Being Filmed!!!

Dear Friends,

Today we are proud to introduce award-winning filmmaker Tyler Chase from New York City. Her great great grandmother was Mi’kmaq.

Tyler is over one year into filming a full-length documentary about the site in Northampton, the fraud and corruption in our system as relates to preservation of Indigenous resources, and key messages from tribal leaders and experts on what we must do to end this injustice and the unlawful activity.

A professional full-length documentary like this will be widely seen and last forever.

The entire first year of filming was done in stealth to preserve the integrity of the story.

Tyler owns a filming drone and has made beautiful panoramas flying over the Northampton site and others. She has already interviewed over thirty key stakeholders including:

  • Mark Andrews – Senior Tribal Resources Monitor, Aquinnah Wampanoag
  • John Brown – Medicine Man and Chief Historic Protection Officer, Narragansett
  • Joe Graveline – Former Nolumbeka Project president, descendent from Cherokee and Abenaki
  • Leon Sam Briggs – Tonawanda Seneca, spiritual leader of the American Metis Aboriginal Association
  • Linda Coombs – Author and historian, Aquinnah Wampanoag
  • Margaret Sheehan – Save the Pine Barrens (Southeastern Massachusetts)
  • Dr. Richard Gramly – Harvard PhD Archeologist, world expert on the Early Archaic period
  • Nohham Cachat (Mohawk-Nashawe) – Medicine Elder at Bridge in the Sky Medicine Circle and Chair of Massachusetts Ethical Archaeology Society

And many more. Just seeing their photos on the film’s website is moving.

Theater quality filming these days is very expensive and this film will cost approximately $1.5 million dollars – she needs our support to achieve funding milestones for matching grants.

Take a look at the website and if you can afford to help, it will be meaningful in any amount. Donors of $1,000 or more will be included in the film credits – that’s a legacy to be proud of.

If you have the means to make a large donation, or further Tyler’s efforts in any way with introductions, please reach out directly. She is glad to answer any questions: lorageproductionsnyc@gmail.com

I personally witnessed Tyler’s film crew follow my father to Storrs, CT, where they walked behind him as he knocked on the office door of AHS, the state’s archeological consultant for the site. 

The firm’s president opened the door, and as my 91 year old father held out his business card and kindly introduced himself, they literally slammed the door right in his face –  all on film. 

What Tyler has captured is an incredible and morally outrageous story that can promulgate some real change. Let us help her to make these voices heard.

Thank YOU, Tyler, for stepping up to the plate and investing so much of your time and effort to date. We are truly blessed and honored by this film. 


PS. Please forward this as appropriate

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