Full Length Professional Documentary Being Filmed!!!

Dear Friends, Today we are proud to introduce award-winning filmmaker Tyler Chase from New York City. Her great great grandmother was Mi’kmaq. Tyler is over one year into filming a full-length documentary about the site in Northampton, the fraud and corruption in our system as relates to preservation of Indigenous resources, and key messages fromContinue reading “Full Length Professional Documentary Being Filmed!!!”

Response from Geologist: Potential Grinding Stone Discovery at Northampton Site

Dear Friends, We received so many responses about the new discovery of what appears to be a large two-person sitting grinding stone approximately 150m from the site. Here is the video of the potential grinding stone, if you missed it.  What follows is a fascinating expert response we received from Nick Venti, a geologist withContinue reading “Response from Geologist: Potential Grinding Stone Discovery at Northampton Site”

MassDOT Introduces False Conclusion in Final Northampton Site Report

MassDOT’s CONCLUSION HAS SUDDENLY CHANGED TO: “The Early Archaic encampments were short-term, and probably only lasted a day or so.”  MassDOT is tailoring the conclusion of the final archeological report so that the site can be destroyed. Comments from Dr. Gramly, a Harvard PhD archeologist who has spent a lifetime studying the Early Archaic period:Continue reading “MassDOT Introduces False Conclusion in Final Northampton Site Report”

Small Window to Write Legislators is Currently Open

Just a reminder to please take a moment to write to the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture. It is unthinkable that our legislature is proceeding with this bill without the involvement of ANY of the key Indigenous tribes or local Indigenous historic preservation organizations that have lead the way on Indigenous cultural and historicContinue reading “Small Window to Write Legislators is Currently Open”

We Must Act Urgently to Force Inclusion of Indigenous Preservation Leadership in New Legislation

This entire post was written by Rochelle Prunty from River Valley Co-Op. Thank you, Rochelle. House Bill H3982 is intended to support the preservation of Massachusetts’s archaeological, fossil, and geological resources. This is an important issue, but to be effective we need your help to ensure that House Bill H3982 includes key Indigenous historic preservation leadership on the commission. We needContinue reading “We Must Act Urgently to Force Inclusion of Indigenous Preservation Leadership in New Legislation”

The Commonwealth is Back Big Time with New Proposed Legislation

And they are here to play the game with their rules, on their court. By changing the laws that protect Indigenous sites so that they never lose to the public again. My notes from two recent phone conversations: LEGISLATIVE BILL H.3982 WAS INTRODUCED TO FORM A “SPECIAL COMMISSION” WHICH WILL FORMALLY RECOMMEND CHANGES TO ALL COMMONWEALTH LAWS INContinue reading “The Commonwealth is Back Big Time with New Proposed Legislation”

MHC Ignores the Presence of Burial Stone Heaps, Tomahawks, and Reddened Cooking Stones

In Northfield, MA, industrial scale solar developers with eyes on a 78 acre site of prime farmland near the Connecticut River sent the Massachusetts Historical Commission a Notice of Intent requesting to know if there are any significant historical features. MHC: “NO SIGNIFICANT HISTORICAL FEATURES”.

MHC Silently Approves Dozens of Industrial Scale Solar Projects On Top Of Known Indigenous Sites

On lands owned by cranberry giant A.D. Makepeace in Plymouth County, over a dozen large scale industrial solar projects have been signed off on by the Massachusetts Historical Commission without proper consultation and effectively behind closed doors.