Now that we won against the Commonwealth and temporarily saved the 10,000 year old Native American village, it is TIME TO GO BIGGER so that we can preserve these sites forever

In a still shot from the upcoming documentary film, Cora Peirce, Pocasset Wampanoag, Principal Investigator for the Narragansett, purifies a vandalized site

We need your help.

Documentary filmmaker Tyler Chase has captured HUNDREDS OF HOURS of interviews with leaders from tribes including the Lakota, Mashpee, Narragansett, Wampanoag, prominent archeologists, and many other Indigenous experts.

They explain on film, “the ongoing cultural erasure of Native Americans by outdated policies, mislead institutions, hiding of evidence and destruction of precious artifacts”

Imagine how much schoolchildren will impart from witnessing these words spoken directly versus reading textbooks. 


If you are able to make a donation to support this worthwhile film, please click the link above.

Over the past three years of legal battle with the government we have never asked for nor received any financial support. We thank everyone who offered to help – and this film is your chance!!!

The film will live forever, it will incite public action, it will change schoolchildren’s minds, and it will be something to share with friends and be proud of our whole lives. 

Thank you in advance for anything you can do. This email is OK to forward!


4 thoughts on “Now that we won against the Commonwealth and temporarily saved the 10,000 year old Native American village, it is TIME TO GO BIGGER so that we can preserve these sites forever

  1. Lovely Greg… There is a lot of stuff I didn’t talk to you about that was very troubling. One of the most recent filming in Barre MA. Here is some background FYI “In 1999, a descendant of Spotted Elk named Leonard Little Finger came to Barre and retrieved his great-greatgrandfather’s scalp, which he brought back to South Dakota for a “Releasing of the Spirit” ceremony. But Chief Red Cloud, at an afternoon press conference held at the Barre town hall, speaking to a crowd of more than 120 people who had turned out to support the Lakotas’ repatriation claims for the Wounded Knee artifacts, said he estimated that more than 100 items – including more human remains – are still kept on display in the small, privately held museum upstairs at the Barre library.” We recently filmed and interviewed at the event where members of the Lakota traveled to Barre, Massachusetts to complete the retrieval of these articles taken from the bodies of those who died at the massacre of Wounded Knee. It took them years to persuade the small museum to return these items. Why? We weren’t allowed to see the “museum ” upstairs from the library where these items were kept in cabinets with stuffed birds even though the return of the items had been completed


  2. That’s great news. I’m troubled by ‘temporary’. Thanks to everyone for their work to make it happen. Please keep us informed about what needs to happen to make it permanent.


    1. Allan, here is the latest proposal from the city. There was a town meeting a couple weeks ago, not really any new info besides this document.

      Basically the city really wants a traffic circle for vanity reasons, when a T intersection would simply end this whole thing. So, they keep pushing hoping the public will give up at some point. Which is the normal technique. Northampton Rts 5%2610 at Hatfield Street Memo 11 16 2021-with Appendix (1).pdf?dl=0



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